Selection Process

Recent Aeons dinner
Aeons members in discussion
Aeons members meet in boardroom

Board of Aeons members network at a social event, discuss university issues, and offer solutions in a formal presentation to administration.

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 IU Archives.

Robin Stevenson

First woman president

When Robin Stevenson (back row, center) was inducted as the Board of Aeons’ first female president in 1978, she reinvigorated what had become an apathetic Board by instituting weekly meetings, deepening connections with administration, and encouraging more active engagement in university issues. Her efforts set the Board back on a path of usefulness to the university, leaving a legacy of tenacity and interdependency among students, Aeons, and university leaders that persists today. Stevenson followed in the footsteps of Deborah Allinger and Gail Collins, who in 1971 became the first female members inducted into the Board of Aeons.

Early years

1944 Aeons members
1952 Aeons at work in office
1955 Aeons members pose playfully

Board of Aeons members in 1944 at the Indiana Memorial Union; 1952 Aeons Bob McIntire, Carl Schrader, and Bob Longood at work; 1955 Aeons Jim Fitzpatrick and Al Bolin in a mock attempt on the life of president Tom Dailey. IU Archives.

Projects of the Board of Aeons

The Board of Aeons studies issues and makes recommendations for improving life on campus.

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