A tradition of engagement and vision

Every five years, former and current members of the Board of Aeons reunite in Bloomington to recall the past, consider the present, and imagine the future during a full weekend of sessions, events, and social activities.

Current Board members have invaluable opportunities to collaborate with past members, and to get their feedback on current research goals and projects. Interacting with alumni also gives them a deeper understanding of what it means to be an Aeon, the potential impact of their current projects, and how their experience on the Board will contribute to their lives as professionals, as Indiana University and board alumni, and as citizens of the global community.

Alumni Board members can get acquainted with current Board members and keep abreast of current issues on campus. And they benefit from opportunities for engagement through dialogue with administrators regarding the current state of the campus and visions for the future.

The Board of Aeons means so much to me. It is the single most impactful experience I had in my time at IU. The Board allowed me to leave a legacy on campus, build skills that helped me become a stronger professional, and to form an amazing group of friends that I laugh with and rely on to this day.

Katy Flanigan, Board of Aeons, Class of 2015

Looking back

1959 Aeons members form a human pyramid
1960 Aeons board

“Aeons build a pyramid of campus leaders, demonstrating the principle that to be strong an organization should have a strong foundation and side support.”—Arbutus, 1959; Aeons boards documented in the 1960 and 1976 Arbutus yearbooks. IU Archives.

Watch for Aeons retreats and other annual events in your area, particularly in Chicago, Indianapolis, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

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